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Happy Tails

The success stories are something we are especially proud of.
 Every animal we help to save or re-home just reinforces that what we do is so important. 
Here are our "Happy Tails":

As of December 2016 we have rescued and re-homed over 130 animals.
Gordy the farm pig, 1 year old, Male
May 2013

Gordy was facing being sold for slaughter.  We had one week to find him a home and we did!  The wonderful people at Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvington, KY agreed to take him in and to provide him a wonderful home on their farm. 

Mr. Boots, the 3 year old bunny, Male

December 2015

 We took Mr. Boots into our care as a foster and quickly realized that this adorable little guy was not a good fit to be someone's "pet."  He didn't like to be handled, was very scared and nervous, and just wanted to eat, sleep, and hop around.  Within a week we found Mr. Boots a wonderful home at a small rabbit sanctuary where he will be able to spend his days outside (when it's warm) hopping around in the sun and feel the dirt under his feet.  It was very hard to say goodbye to this beautiful blue eyed boy, but it felt wonderful to know that he will be safe, loved, and no longer kept in a cage 24 hours a day.

Gus, Male Domestic Short hair, 8 Months old

December 2015

Gus was a special case because he had to be placed in a home with no young children.  We weren't sure we'd be able to find him the perfect home, but in less than a week he was adopted by a wonderful woman who had no other animals or young children.  The most perfect home for Gus.  Now he can be relaxed and spoiled, just like he deserves.

Sugar the shih tzu, 9 years old, Female
May 2013

Sugar's owner became disabled and was unable to care for her.  The person in charge of her gave us five days to rehome her before he was going to have her put down.  We don't typically work with dogs but we couldn't turn our backs on poor Sugar.  We found a wonderful Hardin County resident who loves dogs to take her in.  Now Sugar has the chance to live out her days in comfort and happiness.

Dock the American Bulldog, Male, 4 years old


This poor guy has aggression towards other dogs and had a hard time finding a home.  Luckily we helped to find him a nice home without other animals where he could live happily ever after.  I'm sure he's showing off his many learned tricks for his new family as we speak!

Big D--The Fancy Light Brahma Rooster, Male, 4 months old


Big D was adopted under the impression that he was a hen.  His current parent was surprised when he proved otherwise!  He was living in Louisville and was beginning to crow, which was a problem for his neighbors.  We were lucky enough to help Big D find a wonderful home on a beautiful farm that already had many other birds living there (including a peacock).  Now he can live out in the country and crow as much as he likes!

Rebel the German Boxer,1 year old, Male
October 2015

Rebel was adopted within two days!  This little guy won the hearts of so many people we literally had over ten people in line waiting just in case his adoption fell through.  Now this big boy will have a full life of playing with his new human brother and being loved unconditionally.  Yay for happy endings!

Kahn, the 2 year old Spanish Mastiff mix, Male

December 2015

Kahn's people were moving overseas and were unable to take him along.  We were given one week to find this adorable little guy a home and within one day of posting about him we had EIGHT people lined up to meet him.  He was adopted within three days and is now living in his forever home where he will be loved unconditionally for the rest of his days.

Yin and Yang, two kitten sisters

We found Yin and Yang in our neighborhood starving and abandoned.  After knocking on a few doors we found out that the vacant house they were living around was where they were born.  The owners decided to leave them behind when they moved to fend for themselves without a mother.  We immediately took them home, fed them, cared for them, and within two weeks found them a home where they were adopted together.  They are living out their days being spoiled rotten by two cat loving teenage brothers and their mother.  

20 Horses in Grayson County 

We helped to find foster homes for 20 horses in Grayson County that were living in horrible conditions that included severe neglect.  They have been removed from their previous home and are now spending their time in safe barns where they can recuperate and live happy and normal lives.

Several Kittens 

We don't typically focus our efforts on cats and dogs but sometimes we can't help but rescue these animals.  Over the past couple of years we have helped to re-home several kittens that were facing euthanasia or total neglect and starvation.  We are happy to say that each kitten was paired with a kind and compassionate person to live out their days.