The Other Pets Animal Rescue
Serving Kentucky and Surrounding Areas Since 2012
and The KMC Germany Area since 2015

                     The Other Pets 
                    Animal Rescue

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General Rescue Information: 
Mission Statement, Vision, Board of Directors, Volunteer Opportunities, Policies, Procedures, and Standard Operations

Mission Statement:

To rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a safe home for exotic pets and farm animals in Kentucky and surrounding areas that are in need of loving forever homes.  We want to save lives and inspire others to do the same.


Our Vision/Goals for the Coming Years:


 Continue rescuing and re-homing animals of all kinds while saving enough funds to open our future animal sanctuary.

Board of Directors:

President: Andrea Babb

Vice President: James Babb

Ashley Riggs

Chelsea Heaverin

Kimberly Hill

Tiffany Hill

Susan Cox

Tiffany Walls


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us to fill out the volunteer application and to sign up for our monthly volunteer orientation. Please specify what position you’d like to be in as a volunteer with our rescue (listed below).

Current Volunteer Positions

  • Foster Parent- providing a home for our current animals, offering food and proper care, helping to find the animal a forever home
  • Transporter of Animals- Transport the animals to veterinary appointments, foster homes, and adopting homes
  • Flyer and donation box distribution- Pass out flyers to various businesses, approach various establishments to allow us to post fliers and information, approach businesses and establishments to allow us to have a donation box at their office. Manage them as contacts to you can continue to distribute literature and collect donation boxes as needed for deposits.
  • Personal Relations (PR) Assistance- Provide assistance to Andrea Babb with all public relation efforts. Includes contacting various media outlets, booking interviews, and reaching out to the public to help raise awareness and interest in the rescue.
  • Home Inspection- Provide home inspections of potential foster homes or potential adoptive homes.
  • Fundraising and Events planning- Assist in planning fundraisers and events. Help prepare for various events that we will attend for our outreach efforts. Help to distribute information to the public regarding these efforts.
  • Tabling at Events- Help to represent the rescue at various events we have tables set up at. Distribute literature, answer questions, and represent the rescue in a positive way to help gain supporters, donations, and raise awareness for our cause.
  • Schools, Churches, and Organization Outreach- Be the contact person to help us book speaking opportunities at schools, churches and other organization groups. This will allow us the chance to provide a speech and presentation on what we are all about in hopes of raising awareness, gain supporters, and gaining more volunteers

Future Volunteer Positions (Once the Sanctuary is Established)

  • Animal Care- Participating in caring for the animals in our care.
  • Donation outreach- reaching out to the public for various donations necessary to run the farm such as food, hay, and farm supplies, and more to help keep the farm running smoothly
  • Grant Writing: Grant writing for submission in hopes of obtaining financial support from various grant programs in the state.

Each volunteer must fill out an application, attend a volunteer orientation (scheduled monthly), and be willing to show nothing but compassion and integrity when representing our rescue and when handling the animals.






The Other Pets Animal Rescue, Inc

January 2015

Objective: To rescue, rehabilitate, re-home or provide a home at our future sanctuary, and provide hospice care to exotic pets, farm animals, and the occasional cat and dog. This will all be performed with the utmost of care, compassion, education, and proper protocol.

Abuse/Neglect investigation policy: When an abused or neglected animal is reported to our rescue we will document all of the information provided including contact information from the person reporting to us. Once we have all the information we will contact animal control or local law enforcement for guidance on how to proceed. We will continue working with law enforcement/animal control until the matter is resolved. All paperwork will be filed within our rescue and we will follow up with the person who originally reported the situation so there is resolution for all parties involved.

Adoption policy: All adoptable animals within our rescue will be ensured a safe home forever. We will provide proper care and shelter within our future sanctuary until we are able to find them a fitting home. Once a potential adopter fills out the necessary forms we will do a home investigation. If they pass the home investigation they will sign a form acknowledging we will perform a follow-up investigation after the adoption. Each adopter will pay a $50 fee for the animal to cover various costs within the rescue.

Disclosure Policy: We will disclose all important, necessary, and crucial information to potential adopters regarding the animal. A full disclosure policy is important to ensure that the potential adopter has all the facts so they may make an educated decision when adopting the animal.

Animal “Donation” policy: When a person wishes to “donate” their animal to the rescue they are expected to fill out the necessary paperwork and pay a $50 fee to cover the costs of caring for the animal. In most cases the person must bring the animal to us. We will make exceptions on occasion based on Andrea Babb’s opinion and advisement.

Emergency Evacuation Policy: Once there is a farm/sanctuary established we will create an emergency evacuation policy to ensure the animals are all evacuated during natural disasters and other emergency situations.

Euthanasia Policy: We will not euthanize an animal for frivolous reasons. The only time an animal will even be considered for euthanasia will be when they are terminally ill or injured so badly they will not recover. In the event of possible euthanasia the board of directors will vote, although Andrea Babb will always have the ability to make the executive decision.

Financial Management Policy: All finances will be handled by Andrea Babb. Every dollar donated or spent will be thoroughly documented and drafted in a monthly report. All financial records will be made available to the public via our website or in person by request


Fostering Policy: Volunteers are permitted to foster animals in our care after filling out the necessary paperwork and going through a home evaluation. Foster parents must be able to provide the proper amount of space and time for the animal. They will be responsible for the cost of food and water and the rescue will cover all veterinary care costs and transportation.

Inspection Policy: Andrea Babb or an appointed trusted volunteer will perform inspections for foster homes and future adoptive homes. Inspections can occur any day of the week during normal business hours. The inspection will require the inspector to establish that the home is a fitting place for the animal, can offer enough space and resources for care, and can accommodate the animal’s special needs (if applicable). If the inspection shows that the home is not ideal the applicant will be denied.

Inspector Policy: Andrea Babb is the lead inspector. She may train any volunteer or board member to perform inspections. All questions and permissions must be cleared through Andrea.

Money Donation Policy: All donations are tax deductible due to the rescue’s non-profit corporation 501©(3) status. We will offer a receipt upon request. All money donations go directly back into the rescue to cover bills that include food, veterinary care, transportation, and utilities for the farm.

Policy Development Policy: All new policies and revisions can be presented to Andrea Babb and the Board of Directors. The Board will vote on each new policy and revision and add any changes to the document when applicable.

Transportation Policy: Any volunteer may transport animals as long as they check in with Andrea Babb before and after the transportation takes place. We hope to eventually have the resources to provide our own truck and trailer in the future. Once we obtain the necessary transportation vehicles we will also have an insurance policy in place.

Transportation Volunteer Policy: Any volunteer who is at least 18 years of age, has a valid Kentucky Driver’s License, and the proper vehicles are able to transport the animals with Andrea Babb’s permission.

Veterinary Procedures Policy: All necessary veterinary care must be pre-approved by Andrea Babb and will be funded 100% by the rescue. We hope to find a permanent qualified veterinarian that we can work with indefinitely.

If you have any questions regarding our rescue please contact us at